Hamann: Ronaldo Is ‘Stupid’ For Showing Off

By | June 22, 2021

MUNICH: Former Germany player Dietmar Hamann labeled Cristiano Ronaldo as ‘stupid’ after the Portuguese captain showed his skills in the defeat at the hands of Germany, yesterday.

The Juventus star scored his third goal at Euro 2020 and acted with confidence after scoring Portugal’s opening goal in the first half, before losing.

Before Germany equalized, Ronaldo was seen happy when he showed his skill to deceive Antonio Rudiger.

The video of Ronaldo’s action was widely spread on social media with some praising him, and there were also mocking comments after he finally had to accept defeat.

Hamann described Ronaldo’s action as meaningless, other than considering it may be the impetus for Germany’s rise.

“Of course it’s (amazing) and we know he can do it. I think, that way he seems to underestimate the opponent,” he said.

“This is when the score is 1-0. Yes, he’s the best player, with Messi. He looks stupid now.

“If you ask the German players, they will tell you now what they think. They will definitely answer it.

“I’m telling you now, they’re all going to say it might give a little impetus to change something.”

In the action, Germany bounced back from behind to beat Portugal 4-2 and and the win put them in second place in Group F.